Financial Inclusion

EnterCoin as an alternative payment rail where EnterCoin token holders can send EnterCoin or other cryptocurrencies to each others as a peer-to-peer transfer and payment of goods and/or services. Incorporating a cryptocurrency exchange platform, token holders are able to convert other cryptocurrencies and EnterCoin into Fiat currencies. Equivalently, the token holders will be able to convert and send national currency directly to our Prepaid Card (MasterCard).
All this will be serving EnterPact's transparnet donations platform for the refugees and neglected remote poor communities.

Transparent Donations

World class crypto exchange platform allowing users to hold and exchange their digital assets, and performs as the financial engine for the EnterCoin system where all transactions must go through this secure platform.

EnterPact Platform

Smart and automatic business processes contracts application.
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    Automatic Contracts Execution
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    Blockchain Based
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    Utilising EnterCoin
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    Innovative Processes
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    Using Stinex for Transactions