EnterCoin MasterNode Blockchain

Development and adoption to new technologies is one of the most important aspects of any live projects especially the ones that propose real life solutions to the masses.

One of EnterCoin’s long term strategies is to provide solutions that are considered eco-friendly. This is because its project is known to be a three-bottom-line project that serves more than its commercial purpose. In fact, it goes beyond to produce a project that serves the people, makes profits, and saves the Earth; i.e. People/Planet/Earth.

EnterCoin’s new approach

In order to participate better in the world of cryptocurrencies, and at the same time avoid adding a carbon fingerprint to the environment, EnterCoin team decided to go with the new technology for mining known as MasterNodes network and Proof of Stake (PoS).

With this in mind, the creation of the new blockchain is taking place at the time of this writing and the launch of the testnet is expected early during the month of August. The mainnet should be launched after few months, allowing the public to participate in the mining of the new EnterCoin, with the ticker ENTR, replacing the old ticker of ENTRC for the token created on the Ethereum network as an erc20 token.

Is this all for mother Earth?

Of course not.

By absorbing the project’s white paper and its goals, it becomes obvious that the vision is further than just a commercial project, putting the development of communities as a main objective by creating opportunities, educating, helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams, and hating the abuse of resources by mining cryptocurrencies.

Passive income for neglected communities’ members:

Not only users have the option to get onboard with the new economy presented by crypto currencies and their applications, now anyone can actually have passive income just by operating low-cost equipment known as MasterNodes.

To make this more simple, people were able to buy hardware known as miners to help operate the blockchain for different coins, but with the downside of consuming too much power in the process. This means two things: very high operating cost, and high consumption of resources.

Now things have changed, thanks to the new technologies that solved the problems caused by hardware miners. By operating a simple computer that is connected to the Internet 24/7 with a special easy to setup software, miners are replaced with a low-cost mean for creating a passive income, by getting rewards for helping the blockchain to operate.

What is it for education?

EnterCoin Academy is a place to elevate the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies from the amateur level to the professional level.

To explain more, the academy provides educational courses that targets ordinary traders as long as professional business people and decision makers, by opening their eyes to the possibilities and the potentials that the blockchain technologies can bring to their businesses.

Back to the MasterNode network, students and education seekers can now have hands-on experience by allowing them to train on real life scenarios and existing network, and not only learn about them in books and training sessions.

Each student will have the opportunity to run their ENTR MasterNode as part of the training.

What are the requirements?

To run a MasterNode (MN), a user must lock a certain amount of ENTR called the collateral amount. The CA for EnterCoin is 3000 ENTR.

This means, a node’s cost now is nearly $180 considering the current price of EnterCoin ENTRC. This is at the time of this writing in August 2019.

The same node’s value will increase to $3000 when the price of EnterCoin reaches $1, for example. This by itself is a great investment opportunity to consider.

So, there will be a Swapping of coins?

Yes, indeed. The team will perform a swap from the current ENTRC to the new ENTR whenever the network is ready for the public usage after a couple of months of testing. The swap will be performed in an easy manner from within the current exchanges or from Stinex platform. Stinex is an exchange website and one of EnterCoin’s projects for financial inclusion. All the details will be announced on time with instructions.

Bottom Line

EnterCoin team is proving again that they are determined to deliver the best they can despite the obstacles that rise considering the nature of the problems EnterCoin is trying to solve, and, more importantly, the regions it is trying to find solutions for. The sure thing here is that the project is in an active state and is delivering the promises by sticking to the plan described in details in the project’s white paper.

EnterCoin — A new way to do Life.

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