Entercoin in a Nutshell

EnterCoin represents an integrated evolving system that adapts to and comprehends the rapidly added features especially in the area of Blockchain and related technologies. The core of EnterCoin system is to provide a global financial solution that brings available financial services to the neglected regions and communities around the world.

The EnterCoin project started at the end of 2018, and was introduced in the White Paper as a financial inclusion system. This system is meant to make it easier for financially excluded communities to “Enter” the new economics world and be part of it, as the Internet is not limited to certain part of the world and it is accessed by virtually anyone in the whole world. So should be the opportunities that come with Internet. Everyone in the world, an entrepreneur, shopper, trader, seller, service provider, artist, learner, or any type of user, must have equal access to resources and put their efforts and ideas as well.

EnterCoin: Too good, yet true.

Prepaid Crypto Enabled Cards

The prepaid crypto enabled cards from UnionPay, the Chinese payment network China Pay, which is globally accepted by millions of ATM‘s around the world. This cashing out solution is the a solution needed by millions of users around the globe. This means crypto traders and users, while complying with the International financial laws and KYC/AML procedures, can easily convert their crypto earnings into cash with a click of a mouse.

EnterCoin is one of the first projects that offers this product especially to the financially neglected regions in the world. Users will need to verify their identities and pass the KYC process in order to use this service. Cards can already be ordered from Stinex.io website, which is one of EnterCoin’s projects.

EnterCoin Prepaid Crypto Cards

Education and Exchange Platform

To make transition between different digital assets or from crypto assets to FIAT, Stinex comes into action. The goal of this platform is not to provide a standard place to exchange between crypto assets for the sake of trading, since there are tens of other platforms that can offer this service. Putting this in mind, Stinex role is essential to the EnterCoin system since it presents both entry point and an exit point to the users of the Internet.

The exit point is facilitated by the prepaid cards, which allow any verified user to convert crypto assets to cash. The entry point is currently being applied by educating the users, on the most convenient methods to get digital funds based on their locations. Stinex platform is meant to educate the users on the new economy and its potentials and usage, and also provide real life solutions where users can apply their new knowledge.

ENTER Academy

This new path in EnterCoin is taken to spread the knowledge and make use of the blockchain technologies based on science. The Enter Academy is a place that conducts blockchain related boot camps and courses, along with world class certifications.

The training courses and boot camps are not just technical courses. They go beyond and apply the technology on real world applications and introduced to business managers and entrepreneurs. When a decision maker in a business understand what blockchain technology can do to the business, it will be quickly adopted which will open new opportunities to graduates, developers, and businesses. This will definitely result in more community development, which is one of the core goals of the EnterCoin project.

There will be new courses announced which are held in Istanbul, considering its strategic location between Europe and Asia. Beside being one of the most beautiful and culturally rewarding city.

We never give you a fish. Instead, we teach you how to fish.

This slogan of the academy is to make aware to the users that they should quit relying on other people’s and so called experts’ trading advice, and that each and every user can be their own expert. By understanding the underlying technology and strategies solution can be built more efficiently and decisions can be made in a more scientific approach.

EnterCoin Academy

Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs

To meet the ultimate goal of the EnterCoin project, which is to help communities develop by encouraging entrepreneurs and creative people make their ideas become real. Local community can now support people with great ideas by participating in funding their ideas and spread the costs, which are usually not high, to help realize an idea or push a startup.

Success of this type of project mean many thing to the communities. Beside bringing a new product or service to a community, it also creates jobs, recycles wealth, and make use of knowledge.

EnterCoin has dedicated 20% of its total supply to support this type of projects. The 1.2M EnterCoin are to be used to support community development projects, including crypto-related educational material that enriches the online learning content.

Crypto ATM Machines Network

Crypto ATM Network: by 2020, EnterCoin will distribute ATM machines in various locations amongst the regions it aims to serve. Not only users can cash-out EnterCoin and Bitcoin using the ATM, but also they can purchase EnterCoin and other crypto assets at the market price with low fees in an easy and straight-forward way.

This particular feature, aside from the prepaid cards, is a complete entry/exit point for any user to the crypto world and the new economy. This opens the gate wide open to potentially tens of millions new users.

We are working with local authorities in certain targeted countries, and already received acceptance in three locations: Turkey, Bahrain, and UAE.

EnterCoin Bitcoin ATM Machine

Micro Loans for Education

To go beyond any slogans and to practice what we preach, community development starts with the minds of its members that in turn develop ideas and then work on making them become true, which in return benefits the community back and employs its capabilities and knowledge.

The micro-loans for education is accompanied with a learning path that the student must go through and apply in order to earn their loans and also make profits along the way. This way, we help creating an independent generation and push forward the youth to be productive and active instead of passively learning the standards without the encouragement to creativity.

When this vision is integrated with the EnterCoin Academy and the purpose of Stinex platform, it finally gives a complete solution that starts from the ground up to elevate communities using its potentials and quit the passive mode. Each and every one in this life can serve a purpose, and they can choose the purposes they can serve. We should all work together to push humanity even if as little as we can, because with the cumulative work we can achieve more.

This is EnterCoin in a nutshell. It started as an idea, and now it is becoming reality. EnterCoin team had proven to deliver their promises, and a good percentage of the work is done according to the road map specified in the white paper.

This particular feature, aside from the prepaid cards, is a complete entry/exit point for any user to the crypto world and the new economy. This opens the gate wide open to potentially tens of millions new users.

EnterCoin team is working with local authorities in certain targeted countries for licensing, and already received acceptance in three locations: Turkey, Bahrain, and UAE.

Burning 80% of EnterCoin Total Supply

And it is worth mentioning that recently EnterCoin burned 80% of the total tokens. That is 25M from 31M. This leaves a total supply of 6M. Circulating supply is 3M. The action and proof are in this public announcement on EnterCoin Medium channel with the title: “EnterCoin Burns 80% of it Tokens“.

This act proves that the most important matter for the team is EnterCoin’s value and not number, and in fact returned a very high level of appreciation from the holders and the crypto community as a whole.


The system above works together to introduce a complete solution to help develop the neglected communities that, literally, present hundreds of million of people around the world, a big portion of them are waiting for a chance to make things better as much as they can.
EnterCoin is definitely the first crypto-related project in the Middle East that is bringing solutions that people actually need with easy to get onboard process, and a convenient way to cash-out no matter

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