EnterCoin – The Future of Finance

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Problems are easy to find, but it is hard to find solutions

By: Shadi Ayoub – Co-Founder of EnterCoin and CEO of Bitstine

The idea of virtual currencies has emerged as a human refuge that is self-evident in the light of modern technology, especially in terms of communication. Freedom from centralism and borders has become a reality and the world is transformed into a small village that is not separated by boundaries or class.

And it allowed creative minds to find solutions for numerous problems faced by humanity since early civilizations including; communications, information exchange and storage, and the establishment of business relationships and financial solutions in order to create a virtual society with all the necessary components of any society.

Since Bitstine for Integrated Solutions has focused on providing financial services, especially the ones related to electronic payment methods, in areas considered financially isolated where banks do not provide the services and facilities they need, Bitstine Visa cards were the first bridge between the Internet user in these areas and the vast virtual world. The services of Bitstine have thus evolved to be the first to introduce the new global economy represented by virtual currencies and link it to the traditional banking system to provide more comprehensive solutions.

Nevertheless, Bitstine found out that it was still limited by the limitations of the traditional banking system, which was a real obstacle to reaching the first goal of providing financial solutions to suit the world in its new form. Not to mention what the banking system has turned into as a system of one interest in favor of the system itself, placing individuals and communities under undue burdens for services that are obvious to the development of any civilized society.

Hence came the idea of Entercoin, the integrated financial system that provides easy solutions to real problems related to payment methods and financial transfers, and opens the door to the wide range of e-currency traders and Internet users in general. The system has been supported by advanced centers for the mining of various virtual currencies that rely on renewable energy through the use of solar energy with nanotechnology. Entercoin is the official currency of the system, which is the world’s first in terms of the quality of its services and the areas it targets.

As Bitstine did not lose sight of the environmental aspect, which should be in the first accounts of any project, and turned to green energy to play its role to ensure a prosperous future for this world, Entercoin founded the entire system to serve its first and primary goal: offering solutions for societies to break free into a global flexible system that is neither bounded nor stopped by policies.

Entercoin offers a powerful alternative to the traditional banking system and provides all the services that individuals, communities and institutions need. It provides the first community finance platform dedicated to community development and helping entrepreneurs and innovators fulfill their goals of helping their communities.

What is Entercoin?

There is no doubt that hundreds of virtual currencies are starting to emerge globally as solutions to problems, some of them are real and many offer the user generous promises only without being based on real applications and would be doomed to failure after many investors fall into the trap of lies and illusions. Other currencies tried to provide real solutions but could not rise to the required level because of the weakness of their software or lack of a strong and professional team behind them, and some failed due to other factors related to the financial laws of different countries and not being able to work without violating the systems of the traditional banking system linked to the governments.

Entercoin emerged surpassing all the weaknesses of the other currencies introducing an integrated system built on the technology of Ethereum distinguished and managed by the minds of experts and pioneers from different regions in this world tracking obstacles to eliminate them and provide the easiest solutions and their history is the witness. Entercoin operates within the recently adopted financial laws in 2017 in Europe and the world, by pursuing a financial license from Britain, and a creative way to provide its services freely to all parts of the world with revolutionary Blockchain technology and infrastructure that integrates the traditional centrality with the world of decentralization.

Why invest in Entercoin?

It can be said that the field of crypto currency can be divided into pre-Entercoin and post-Entercoin. This fact may only be known to the depth by those who watched the life of Bitcoin during the past eight years. Many believe that the virtual currency train is overdue, and that it is too late to invest in this world, however this is not true because this area itself is new and in its infancy. It is possible to identify the currencies with a great future and through studying Entercoin, any serious investor can rely on it as a successful investment and one of the Best investments ever made. Entercoin is the retired asylum for any retired seeking additional income, any student wanting to complete his education, any employee wishing to increase his monthly income, and anyone who knows the true dimensions of this investment and what could be achieved through it.

How to make profits with Entercoin?

Entercoin is the official currency of the world’s first electronic banking system that provides alternative financial services to the isolated or financially isolated areas and communities, as well as the rest of the world, of course. This currency is supported by a huge system of electronic currency mining, which means multiple streams of income achieved by different applications which will determine the value of the currency in the market and makes it, based on the study of the market and other currencies, more likely to increase in value in the coming few months, with several events like the beginning of the distribution of EnterVisa cards towards the end of this year, the start of the currency exchange at the beginning of next year, the launch of the mining application stage during 6 months, and the subsequent applications of large projects.

 Income streams

  • Prepaid Entervisa cards; 5 million cards are expected to be distributed over the next three years. According to studies, the rate of income per card is $ 8 per month, not to mention the price of the card itself when purchased. You do the math. The returns of this program are incorporated into the Enter-currency system generalized interest to all currency holders.
  • Entercoin wallet; Transfers can be made between virtual and official currencies and money transfers between different entities without limits. The commissions of this little application achieve a large output; also pour into the currency system.
  • Currency Exchange: A free, multi-language, easy-to-use Currency trading platform. The first is its diversity and its service to the neglected communities, despite the fact that it possesses the elements of work, creativity and leadership.
  • Green mining centers: using renewable energy to cover a huge part of the operating cost reflecting a larger product in the form of coins used after mining in support of Entercoin in a creative manner that was published in detail in the white paper. One of its forms is that the currency holder receives direct and indirect returns from the mining center production, which makes Entercoin an alternative to online mining farms with Entercoin ensuring the user’s right to retain the currency they hold in their portfolio (wallet).
  • Smart Contract Applications for Corporate and Institutional Transactions: This is an advanced aspect of Entercoin’s applications, which is concerned with the continuity of solutions and applications for community development, economy and information management.

Entercoin has restored Blockchain technology to its humane dimension based on decentralization and freedom, offering for the first time solutions that the user needs rather than solutions that serve the more traditional system, and transparently discloses its financial reports to the public based on Blockchain technology, which means Entercoin cannot be manipulated. Entercoin is clear and reliable.

Invest in the future now, Invest in Entercoin

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