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Blockchain for Industries and Entrepreneurs

Community Development on the Blockchain

Financial Inclusion, Stock Exchanges, Real Estate, Voting,
Music, Fine Art, Auctions, Patents, and more

Total Supply of 6 Million Tokens - Contract: 0xd9d01d4cb824219a8f482a0fad479cb971fd0628


Intel and Blockchain Technologies Combined!

Finance for the Masses

Allowing everyday use of financial services and delivering these services to neglected regions and communities to help them facilitate the new boarder-less technologies and become part of the new economy.

Asset Tokenization

Tokenization of assets for various types of sectors such as real estate, transportation, airlines, fine arts, digital identification, healthcare, construction, manufactures, supply chain, logistics... etc.

Unneglecting the Neglected

The Internet created a new world and transformed it to a small village, and it should be like that equally to everyone living on this planet. Blockchain made this even more possible. ENTER brings the blockchain to communities.

Crowdfunding Platform

For entrepreneurs to help them realize their ideas and participate in making the world a better place by implementing solutions and creating jobs, which help developing communities and homelands.

EnterPact Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts for Business processes, allowing participants create self-executing contracts ensuring integrity and accuracy. A better way to make automatic trustless deals.

Hybrid Exchange Platform

Blockchain based digital asset exchange for maximized security that serves as a single platform for all future applications, such as crowd-funding. Users can easily register, buy cryptocurrencies, trade, and hold.

Bringing Blockchain to the Masses

On Chain and Off Chain Smart Contracts

Developers can choose their preferred way to run their smart contracts, for maximum speed and efficiency.

3rd Party Applications

Decentralized applications for businesses implemented on the blockchain openly.

Byzantine Fault Tolerance

For the best security and availability of data and services, using the proven BFT method.

Instant Transactions

Over 1,000 transactions per second, with parallel threaded processing for operations.

Interoperatibilty with Ethereum

Allowing the integration of Ethereum's erc20 tokens and smart contracts the on EnterChain.

Smart Contracts in ANY language

Developer can write smart contracts in JavaScript and Python, Rust, Go, C++, Java, Solidity and more to come!

Customer Loyalty Systems

Blockchain based, decentralized and easy to create and manage loyalty programs for institutions.

Tokenization in a Click

Create smart contracts and tokens using a simple UI, with instant accessibilty and interoperability.

Built-in Escrow

State of mind trades and exchanges in a trustless networks, for merchants and individuals.

Stable Coins for Governments

For governments and markets, connected with a value to other assets like FIAT currencies or gold and silver.

Distribution of tokens

+- Circulating Supply
Initial Supply

Frequently Asked Questions

Enter is a protocol token of the upcoming EnterChain platform that provides a comprehensive platform for businesses to provide various solutions including financial inclusion, tokenization and other industrial solutions

ENTER is a DeFi compliant project and is to be added to the DeFi Pulse project in the near future.

Yes, EnterChain allows businesses to run smart contracts along with many other features. 

To name a few, Stinex centralized exchange, tokenization of assets, Enter DEX to name a few.

Hybrid means a combination of centralized exchange platform that stores funds on the blockchain and not in a centralized wallet like other centralized exchange. This is transparent to the user and a revolutionary in terms of digital assets exchanges.

Although ENTER aims to service the neglected and unserved regions, such as the Middle East, Africa, And south America, EnterChain’s solutions are global by nature.

Although ENTER aims to service the neglected and un-served regions, such as the Middle East, Africa, And south America, EnterChain’s solutions are global by nature since it is a blockchain solution.

EnterCoin Project

Built by the team of Bitstine Ltd.
Bitstine is a blockchain services company registered in the UK and Turkey and serves the Middle East and Africa regions providing financial inclusion and other blockchain based solutions, bringing tokenization as a new form of business to the regions.

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