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Our mission

The digital payment space is currently evolving and reshaping right in front of us. The popularity of Blockchain, distributed ledger technologies and smart contracts has opened up a world of new ideas, especially disruptions to traditional payment methods. However, the effects of it all have been even more wide-reaching than we imagined. What if we use this emerging technology with the corroboration of cryptocurrencies to resolve problems or improve certain processes that we can identify right now? It doesn’t need to be as far-reaching to resolve global issues as yet, but it can certainly provide solutions to support and improve the lives in our local communities at present.

Payment solution for the banked and unbanked
EnterCoin as an alternative payment rail where EnterCoin token holders can send EnterCoin or other cryptocurrencies to each other as a peer-to-peer transfer and payment of goods and/or services. Incorporating a cryptocurrency exchange platform, token holders are able to convert other cryptocurrencies and EnterCoin into Fiat currencies. Equivalently, the token holders will be able to convert and send national currency directly to our Prepaid Card (Visa).
We envisage partnering with leading technology solutions to help establish network connectivity for unbanked populations which will enable these communities to participate in their rightful share of income through Smart Contracts.

Green Mining

EnterCoin will be one of the first eco-friendly cryptocurrencies established on a Green Mining Centre, powered by Solar energy. Our goal is to make an impact on the landscape of cryptocurrency mining; contributing to the planet whilst producing a transparent “profit sharing” business model.

Bitstine, the company behind EnterCoin has been providing financial services to the Middle East for the past 3 years.
Bitstine Limited is registered in London, United Kingdom, with presence and operational offices in Turkey and Palestine.

EnterCoin, the path to a Sustainable Future.

What is EnterCoin

EnterCoin: A Digital Asset Powered by Green Energy

Green Mining

Green Mining

The Green cryptocurrency mining centre will be the driving force of our business operations. It has an innovative eco-system where not only EnterCoin are exchanged to mine other cryptocurrencies for the purpose of stabilising the EnterCoin market, it has the potential of generating income whilst utilising renewable energy.

EnterCoin Wallet

EnterCoin Wallet

The E-wallet allows users to hold, transfer, trade and exchange EnterCoin. The users are able to convert EnterCoin into Fiat currency of choice, with the options to transfer the funds to their digital bank or directly to their Prepaid Card. Hence, also make it easier to receive either EnterCoin or Fiat currency from their Peers

Prepaid Card

Prepaid Card

Allowing EnterCoin holders to easily cash-out profits. We aspire to be one of the first to provide Prepaid Card solution worldwide, in particular the financially excluded regions where none of the current world’s card providers covers. Users can fund their multicurrency-cards with EnterCoin and other cryptocurrencies.


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Our team

Shadi Ayoub
Nhien Vo
Co-Founder and COO
Mohammad Suleiman
Co- Founder - Middle East Public Relations
Nada Ayoub
co-founder - Middle East Client Relations
Issa Jadallah
Senior Developer
Dajana Stupar
Project Manager
Raed Thabet
Marketing Manager

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