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Powered by Ethereum during the first stage

Blockchain Solutions to Industries

Financial Inclusion, Stock Exchanges, Real Estate, Voting,
Music, Fine Art, Auctions and more

Total Supply of 6 Million Tokens

What is EnterCoin?

A Better World Using Technology

Finance for the Masses

Allowing everyday use of financial services and delivering these services to neglected communities to help them facilitate the new boarder-less technologies and become part of the new economy.

Asset Tokenization

Tokenization of assets for various types of sectors such as real estate, transportation, airlines, fine arts, digital identification, healthcare, construction, manufactures, supply chain, logistics... etc.

EnterPact Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts for Business processes, allowing participants create self-executing contracts ensuring integrity and accuracy. A better way to make automatic trustless deals.

Multi Purpose Blockchain

Leveraging the power of globally decentralized consensus and decision making to create companies that are inherently global, transparent, trustworthy, efficient and profitable, using tokenization of assets.

Crowdfunding Platform

For entrepreneurs to help them realize their ideas and participate in making the world a better place by implementing solutions and creating jobs, which help developing communities and homelands.

Voting System

Decentralized immune voting system using the blockchain technology, to help fight corruption, and ensure enforcing people's decisions with no manipulation.

Hybrid Exchange Platform

Blockchain based digital asset exchange for maximized security that serves as a single platform for all future applications, such as crowd-funding platform. Users can easily register, buy cryptocurrencies, trade, and hold.

Freelancer Exchange

A decentralized platform for job seekers and businesses, where interests are matched without intermediates. Yet another way to contribute in community development and hiring talents to create a better world.

And much more....

EnterChain combines the best of all existing blockchains, and adds what they are missing to its technology. It's a mixture of opensource, fast, secure, and public blockchain.

The Roadmap - Updated

Q3/Q4 2019

Research & Development

The launch and release of the project with its five year overview.

Q2 2020

Market Addition

Listing on the market including exchanges and market cap websites.

Q4 2020

Stinex Exchange

Launch of the crypto and digital assets exchange Stinex V1.0

Q4 2021

Expanding to global markets

Concentrating on expanding the audience of EnterCoin globally.

Q1 2021

Prepaid Cards - Depends on Regulations**

Announcing the launch of the prepaid crypto enabled cards from MasterCard. Cards to be integrated into Stinex exchange within 3-6 months after launch of the program.

Q2 2021

Launch on EnterChain Testnet

Enter independent blockchain initial launch for testing and trial.

Q3 2021

Micro Loans and Fundraising

Community development platform to help them build and advance by allowing entrepreneurs present their ideas to their local communities and receive funding to realise the ideas into live projects.

Q1 2022

Launch on EnterChain Mainnet

Enter independent blockchain initial launch LIVE and ready for business solution integration.

Distribution of tokens

+- Circulating Supply
Initial Supply

Frequently Asked Questions

EnterCoin is the token of the upcoming independent EnterChain blockchain that provides a comprehensive platform for businesses to provide various solutions including financial inclusion, tokenization and other industrial solutions.

Yes, EnterChain will allow businesses to run smart contracts along with many other features. Click here to learn the features of EnterChain.

EnterChain provides a combination of the best features of the current blockchain and puts them in one solution. Click here to learn the difference between EnterChain and the other famous blockchains.

To name a few, Stinex hybrid exchange, Crypto ATM network, and EnterChain blockchain for smart contracts, Tokenization platform for assets, and crowd funding platform, are the main EnterChain applications.

Hybrid means a combination of centralized exchange platform that stores funds on the blockchain and not in a centralized wallet like other centralized exchange. This is transparent to the user and a revolutionary in terms of digital assets exchanges.

Although ENTER aims to service the neglected and unserved regions, such as the Middle East, Africa, And south America, EnterChain’s solutions are global by nature.

EnterCoin is build by Bitstine Limited company registered in the UK. Bitstine has been providing alternative solutions to the Middle East region for the past few years, and found the opportunity to expand and enhance its services by facilitating the power of the Blockchain technologies that has risen in the recent year, being the first to provide such solution in the region.

EnterCoin Project

Built by the team of Bitstine Ltd.
Bitstine is a blockchain services company registered in the UK and Turkey and serves the Middle East and Africa regions providing financial inclusion and other blockchain based solutions, bringing tokenization as a new form of business to the regions.

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