Financial & Technological Inclusion

A blockchain and tokenization platform

Traditional banking and crypto combined

Very low fees transactions

Built-in apps: e-banking with prepaid crypto Visa cards

ENTER: A Bridge Between the Worlds
Bringing blockchain to the masses, combining traditional banking with the new technology.

and driving the system with the power of Blockchain technologies

  • Very High TX Speed
  • Very Low Transfer Fees
  • Free Asset Tokenization
  • Smart Contracts for businesses
  • IBAN Deposits/Withdrawal
  • Crypto Visa Prepaid Cards
  • Plastic and Virtual Cards
  • 180+ Countries Supported
Smart Contracts
  • Smart Apps for Businesses
  • Low Fees for Transactions
  • 100% Support for Non-techs
  • Unlimited Tokenization Options
  • Buy Crypto Using Bank Card
  • Exchange Using Stinex
  • Send/Receive with few Clicks
  • Price Predictions Using AI
EnterCoin has a Max. Supply of 6,000,000
Eachen 1 EnterCoin consists of 100 million Antora's

EnterCoin's current symbol is ENTRC

dApps Ready
dApps with real world applications are already built and ready to use on ENTER's upcoming blockchain, presenting use cases for successful ideas that can use the power of blockchain including: real estate, IoT, tourism apps, supply chains, and many others.
Tuned for performance
EnterCoin's system which combines the blockchain with the traditional financial system is tuned for the best performance. It is meant to deliver the quality of blockchain transparently to the users, allowing for both security and efficiency to work together.
Created for the People
So far, blockchain technology is still not fully comprehended by the massive users and businesses, while it represents the futures of information technology applications. EnterCoin's system is designed to serve the masses with an easy to use and localized interface.
Why is EnterCoin different?

Presents solutions to real life and everyday problems

Brings the financial services to the neglected communities

Bridges the traditional finance with the new crypto-based economy

Introduces an accessible tokenization system

Has a maximum supply of 6 million tokens

Built using the best blockchain technologies on the Cosmos echo system

Simply: it brings blockchain to the masses

EnterCoin is migrating to its new symbol ENTER on Binance Smart Chain:

EnterCoin token with the symbol ENTRC on the following blockchains:

Ethereum ERC20: 0xd9d01d4cb824219a8f482a0fad479cb971fd0628

Tron TRC20: TUYk21J2Qtt4jqbUw5mkaJ1eN85hKzd3iC

BinanceSmartChain: 0xd15fcaa81c0a178a3e7779b82cfa661accafdbea

Light a fire under your dapp
ENTER SDK is a framework for building blockchains in Go.

Cosmos based - Modular, secure, and fully customizable -

Enter SDK makes it easy to build complex blockchains on top of Tendermint.