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Financial Services to Neglected Regions

Financial Inclusion System - Global Prepaid Cards - Smart Business Contracts

Total Supply of 6 Million Tokens

What is EnterCoin?

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Smart Contracts for Business processes, allowing businesses and individuals create self-executing contracts ensuring integrity and accuracy of terms, for both B2B and B2C.

Prepaid Cards

Blobally accepted prepaid cards from the Chinese giant network of UnionPay. This enables users from anywhere in the world to use after complying with the KYC/AML procedures.

Exchange Platform

Facilitating Stinex.net exchange to allow maximum access to users so the ca easily deposit, exchange, and withdraw with ease. We took the walls down by our artistic solutions.

The Roadmap

Q1 2018

Research & Development

The launch and release of the project with its five year overview.

Q2 2019

Market Aaddition

Listing on the market including exchanges and market cap websites.

Q4 2019

Prepaid Cards

Announcing the launch of the prepaid crypto enabled cards from UnionPay. Cards to be integrated into Stinex exchange within 3-6 months after launch of the program.

Q2 2020

EnterPact Proof of Concept

The launch of EnterPact contracting application proof of conecpt

Q4 2020

EnterPact Launch

Starting EnterPact applications to serve businesses and allow them to create smartly designed business contracts.

Q2 2021

Electronic Banking

Start of the electronic banking project that works as a challenger global bank

Q4 2021

Micro Loans and Fundraising

Community development platform to help them build and advance by allowing entrepreneurs present their ideas to their local communities and receive funding to realise the ideas into live projects.

Distribution of tokens

Circulating Supply
Maximum Supply

Markets & Exchanges

Frequently Asked Questions

EnterCoin is an erc20 token built on the Ethereum public blockchain, and it is the token of a complete financial system that aims to provide services to the neglected regions and communities using the blockchain technologies.

EnterCoin is build by Bitstine Limited company registered in the UK. Bitstine has been providing alternative payment solution to the Middle East region for the past few years, and found the opportunity to expand and enhance its services by facilitating the power of the Blockchain technologies that has risen in the recent year, being the first to provide such solution in the region.

To name a few, Stinex exchange, prepaid UnionPay crypto enabled cards, and EnterPact smart contracting application are the major platforms of the EnterCoin system.

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