This is EnterCoin

It is a financial inclusion solution
to serve the un-banked communities and areas.

Blockchain technology has opened up a world of new ideas, especially disruptions to traditional payment methods.

EnterCoin as an alternative payment rail where EnterCoin token holders can send EnterCoin or other cryptocurrencies to each others as a peer-to-peer transfer and payment of goods and/or services. Incorporating a cryptocurrency exchange platform, token holders are able to convert other cryptocurrencies and EnterCoin into Fiat currencies. Equivalently, the token holders will be able to convert and send national currency directly to our Prepaid Card (MasterCard).

EnterCoin is one of the first eco-friendly cryptocurrencies established on a Green Mining Centre, powered by Solar energy. Our goal is to make an impact on the landscape of cryptocurrency mining; contributing to the planet whilst producing a transparent profitable business model.

EnterCoin - the path to a sustainable future

EnterCoin Servcies

A complete financial system that consistes of Stinex crypto exchange platform, EnterCoin Wallet, and green mining center, all together run by a virtual robot that facilitates smart contracts.

Prepaid Cards

Allowing holders to easily convert between cryptocurrencies and their local currencies.

Stinex Exchange

World class crypto exchange platform allowing users to hold and exchange their digital assets.

Smart Applications

To automate business processes using the blockchain.


Sale and Value

EnterCoin can be purchsed directly from Stinex exchange. It is available at first with a predetermined minimum price. You can use any cryptocurrency to pay, Perfect Money, Payeer, or AdvCash.


Oct 13, 2017 (1:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens in circulation

5,000,000 ENTRC


Ended On Stinex Launch

Tokens exchange minimum rate

1 ENTRC = 0.55 USD

Acceptable payment methods

Most Cryptocurrencies, Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash.

Minimal transaction amount

No minimum

Stinex Exchange Launche Status

Coin Allocation


Funds Allocation


The Timeline

With help from our teams, contributors and community these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

EnterCoin Apps

Platform Applications

Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem, you can manage everything. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in global banking.

You will all the tools you need to be part of the global new economy built on the blockchain technologies.

  • Stinex crypto exchange
  • Micro Payments
  • Merchant tools
  • Prepaid card management
  • EnterPact smart contract application
Our Team

The Leadership Team

EnterCoin team combines a passion for blockchain, security, proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

CEO & Lead Blockchain

Shadi Ayoub


An enterpreneur who started with technology two decades ago as a networking engineer, and was of the first who brought new ideas to the Arab World.

Founded Bitstine, the founders of EnterCoin, in 2014 as the very first electronic financial service provider in the region of the Middle East, and grew the company to its current global presence with the help of the ever growing team.

General Manager

Muhammad Suleiman

General Manager

As an expert in crypto trading strategies and operations, Mr. Suleiman put his energy into creating the most user-friendly platform to maximize access to the services..

It is his vision that users like the things we all like as users, and hate the same thing we hate. Therefore, when creating a solution, user experience should be first in mind along with protection and security.

Strategic Thinking
Prepaid Cards Manager

Dr. Firas Dabbour

Prepaid Cards Program Manager

Dr. Firas is the prepaid card program coordinator, and his aim is to include as many neglected communites as possible.

Prepaid cards program is a major aspect of EnterCoin system, and operating such a productive business needs a mind like Dr. Dabbour's. It is a know fact now that blockchain technologies is a magnet that attracks leaders and people that believe in creating changes in the real life and not only cursing the dark.

Financial Systems
Payment Processing
Prepaid Cards Rules

When minds work like a blockchain they create one master mind

Junior Developer

Issa Jadallah

Junior Developer

Issa main job is to ensure an advanced user interface and good presentation tothe users. He is in charge of the websites of the EnterCoin Project. He adapted so quickly and now he is capalble of working in any environment that requires quick learing and application.

He specialises in php and HTML related issues within the EnterCoin system, and responsible for the frontend websites.

Graphic Designer

Naji Moqady

Graphic Designer

Naji joined EnterCoin by the beginning, and he is an example of the smart, ambitous, and open minded person.

Other than his design talent, Naji plays a major role in leading the EnterCoin community, presenting the system in confrences and meetings, and supporting users in their daily issues. We do believe that every project needs someone like Naji to succeed, and proud to him onboard.

Adobe Products
Marketing Advisor

Raed Abdullah

Marketing Advisor

He is the one that leads the marketing and promotion of EnterCoin, carrying the responsibilty of reaching hundreds of millions of needy potential users that lack financial services.

Raed is a known financial advisor from Canada, and he runs his own marketing agency that specialises in financial consulting in the crypto markets. Raed has been with Bitstine since its beginning in early 2015 and continued working with us despite being in a different continent.

Marketing Science

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided some information about EnterCoin, prepaid cards, Stinex exchange, wallet and technical information. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is EnterCoin?

EnterCoin is an erc20 Ethereum token that powers an electronic challenger banking system consisting of multiple parts.

What are the parts of the system?

Prepaid MasterCards, global crypto exchange platform (Stinex), EnterCoin wallet, green cryptocurrencies mining center, all connected to create a complete integrated eco-system that bring banking to the unbanked.

How can I participate in the Token sale?

Register an account in the wallet and perform the purchase from inside the wallet. It is simple.

What payment methods can I use to buy EnterCoin?

We provide massive ways to deposit into the wallet. You may use any cryptocurrency, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payeer, Bank wire, or money transfer. You can even use Payeer to pay using your credit card.

What type of prepaid cards do I get?

You will get a prepaid MasterCard that can be used to withdraw or spend anywhere in the world. The cards are connected to the EnterCoin system to allow easy access of funds.

Which countries are covered by this card?

The prepaid cards will cover the following regions on stages: Europe, the Arab countries, and Turkey. We will be expanding the coverage continuosly to add most of the regions in the World.

What are the fees associated to the card?

Fees and other details concerning the prepaid card program will be announced as we get closer to the distribution in the summer of 2018.

Do the cards belong to another bank or company?

The cards will have Bitstine design and logo, so they are specific to Bitstine abd its EnterCoin project. This means we will provide services directly from the source which leads to lower fees for the users.

What is the platform for?

Stinex is an easy to use advanced crypto exchange platform that allows users to easily trade and exchange their digital currencies with other digital or FIAT currencies.

Is it safe to use Stinex?

Stinex is built using the latset and most powerful security applications. It is considered a very safe and secure environment to hold and trade currencies. We enforce security on the users.

What currencies are available on platform?

Stinex has over 60 currencies upon launch. Then it will add more. Classic currencies include BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and XRP. It also uses EnterCoin as the platform currency to pay fees and trade against.

Will Stinex be available in my country and language?

Yes. Stinex is available globally, and focuses on serving the Arab World, Turkey, and the Entire Middle East region. It will be first launched in English, Arabic, Turkish and Persian, then more languages to be added. It is easy to deposit and withdraw FIAT currencies using the available payment methods such as Perfect Money, Payeer and wire transfers.

What is required to get a wallet account?

You just need to register a free account in the wallet. EnterCoin provides a parallel ebanking system with ease of access to anyone without the need for complicated procedures and approvals.

Is EnterCoin wallet safe?

Yes, it is very secure and it provies methods to more secure your account using 2FA authentication and SMS verification. We take security seriously more than any other aspect.

What are the uses of EnterCoin wallet?

Beside holding EnterCoin in a safe place, the wallet allows merchants to accept EnterCoin wallet easily in their online shops with its easy to use integration. It is a form of online safe payments that ensures the users' safety by applying a dispute program.

What other features are available for walelt users??

Trasnfer to other users, instant withdrawal, KYC procedure, merchant option to accept payments, vouchers, multiple deposit methods, and much much more.

What is the maximum coin supply for EnterCoin?

The maximum supply is 100,000,000 ENTRC. 50 Millions are allocated to the publicm and the rest are dedicated to the internal system. This number will be reduced by burning coins after few months.

On what exchanges will EnterCoin be traded?

EnterCoin will be traded on Stinex only at the beginning. After it gets its place in the market with high volumes it may be listed on major exchanges such as Binance and Bittrex.

What are the technical information of EnterCoin?

Smart contract address: 0xd9d01d4cb824219a8f482a0fad479cb971fd0628.

Decimals: 8 , Symbol: ENTRC

On what technology is EnterCoin built?

EnterCoin is an erc20 Ethereum token that works on the Ethereum blockchain. In its roadmap EnterCoin will have its own blockchain in 2020.


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